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Customer Testimonials

Real testimonials from real customers... read their reviews and see what they have to say about Axiom Auto Group!

If they have the car you are looking for, BUY IT!

I had been looking for nearly 2 months on and autorader to find a car that checked off the necesary boxes on my list: all-wheel-drive, under 45K miles, under $22k. While I found some in my area (under 100 miles) worth a "save", nothing really made me want to pull the trigger. It was not until I expanded my search and found the listing from Axiom and saw the 2010 A4 in Deep Sea Blue did I get excited. The car looked beautiful in the pictures and while at the top of my price point, I needed to know more.

I called the number on their website and Lawrence answered the phone. After letting me know that the car was still available, he graciously took the time to answer all of my questions - for nearly the next 30 minutes! I was leery of the fact that Axiom was an independent dealer and not a "regular" dealership, but by the time I hung up the phone I was sufficiently convinced that I made plans to drive the 2 hours down to check out the car the next day.

Lawrence had told me the day before that he would not be at the dealership when I got there because he was taking the day to do something with his young son, Disney on Ice I believe. As a father of 3 ( a 6 yr old and 3 yr old twins) I respect a fellow father who knows the difference between making a living and having a life. I showed up and Glenn knew who I was as soon as I said my name and the car I was interested in. Props on the communication between you guys!

My 6 year old and I took the car out for a drive and it was as advertised. My son gave it the thumbs up from the back seat as soon as we hit the highway for a quick acceleration test. Back at Axiom, Glenn and I sat down and we got the numbers to where we were both comfortable and started the paperwork. Since I had driven down that morning and my wife still had to sign her share of the paperwork we got everything done up so I could go home, finalize my financing and return the next week for the car.

I picked the car up last week and it's been great. James, you have a class act operation. The cars are all top notch (if I were single that TTs would have been a sale!), you have good taste. Glen, thanks for your help in the paperwork and getting me into the car. Lawrence, if it was not for that really positive conversation on the phone with you, I probably would still be looking for a car. You're just as much responsible for the sale as anyone. Thanks.

Jeffrey B.
Woodland, CA
2010 Audi A4 Quattro

Here's my first review on Yelp. I wish there were half stars, but I think 5 is appropriate given the limitations of the rating system and given I am now a customer.

I just bought a used BMW 3 series that was still under the manufacturer's warranty from Axiom. Honestly, if I was wanting to put in the time, I probably could have gotten a better deal. But here's the thing: the deal I got was ultimately very fair and the incremental savings I could have gotten wasn't worth the additional time, inconvenience, and uncertainty associated with the potential savings for me. Axiom wasn't the cheapest option I found. If you're looking to maximize your ability to score an other worldly deal, then this probably isn't your place. You're better off trying to find a private party seller that's motivated to sell. Axiom is in my opinion a good option for someone in the market for a luxury / near luxury brand used car that is in good / excellent condition, that's been checked out by folks that are knowledgeable about cars and priced fairly. It's an especially good option if you're not able or willing to do a bunch of research, car searching, test driving, and inspection yourself. Comparing their prices with the big dealerships and Craigslist, I found that they were reasonable and fair.

This is my 9th car purchase and all of them until now have been private party sales. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, but the hassle of continuing the search when I found something that I was 99% happy with didn't seem worth it. Thanks to James the owner for making it a relatively painless process.

David K.
Mountain View, CA
2011 BMW 328i Sedan

I was looking for a company to do a full detail on my 16 year old car which I am planning to sell. I checked many companies who advertised low prices but when I told them the car that I had they all increased their prices.

I finally found Axiom Auto Group. They quoted me a price of $199 and they did an unbelievable job. They restored the paint to almost new condition and it looks fabulous. They are true perfectionists and they spend 5 1/2 hours on my car cleaning everything - the engine which now looks great, the interior which is almost like new and even the trunk.

They did all of this work for the advertised $199 price.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Edward W.
San Francisco, CA

I've recently bought a Mini Cooper S from Axiom. The car is in great condition as they've advertised. Both Hyson and James are very professional. Overall, it was a very pleasant car buying experience. I'd highly recommend Axiom.

V L.
Belmont, CA
2011 MINI Cooper S

I had a really good experience buying a used Audi from Hyson at Axiom.

He was good about letting me know when the car was back from detailing and ready to be seen.

When my girlfriend and I came in to see and test drive the car, he was polite, low key, and no pressure; I also appreciated that he included her in the conversation, since she'd be using the car some, as well.

Price negotiations were straightforward, with no lame tactics. I was happy with what I paid, and I'm really happy with the car.

Eric L.
Mountain View, CA
2009 Audi A3

I have been looking for a very specific vehicle for over a year. I have talked with many dealerships and by far Hyson Vang at Axiom was the best experience I had so I decided to give them my business. He helped me set expectations right and didn't pressure while I was looking at similar vehicles elsewhere. He is more personal in his communication than your regular car salesman who uses email templates and has to pause to remember who you are. I would highly recommend visiting Axiom before a manufacturer dealership!

NguyenCat L.
San Jose, CA
2011 Audi A4 Avant

I recently bought a used BMW 328i with James and Howie. Coming from different country, sometimes it is hard to buy a used car in US. They make the process goes easily and I highly recommend them if you are looking for great used car.

Danny L.
Toronto, Canada
2010 BMW 328i Convertible

James Lee & Glen- Real classy guys!!

After doing some extensive research on my next car purchase for the past year or so, I scoured the internet looking for great deals and reputable car dealers. I finally decided to go with James Lee and Axiom Auto Group.

I corresponded with James almost a year ago inquiring about some of his vehicles. At the time, I was able to locate the vehicle I wanted, but not at the budget that I could afford. Since then, I was able to save some extra cash, raise my budget level and was able to strike a deal with James at a very fair and comfortable price point. I ended up purchasing a nice G-Sedan that was in tip-top shape from Axiom.

James filled me in on the history of the vehicle and I did confirm this information on the Car-fax report. He is very courteous and patient, especially when he left me alone in the car on the lot and let me fiddle around with the sound system after coming back from a test drive with him. 15 minutes later, I walked in the showroom and sealed the deal.

The transaction was very smooth and none of that typical dealer-type pressure based on commissions that I've experienced in the past with those "Big-Named" dealerships. James is very meticulous about the vehicles he sells on his lot and only sells vehicles of the highest quality and upkeep. Any dealer can spice up a car with a cheesy detail and make it look good from the outside, but with James Lee, you're not only getting a nice looking car, but one that I feel with last a very long time. I was hoping to talk down the price a bit, but instead James threw in a free full-detail for use on any of my other vehicles.

On a side-note, extended warranties are available on the vehicles in case you want that extra piece of mind.

I had a very awesome experience and I hope the next person who purchases a vehicle from James will too. Kudos to both James and Glen for making my dream car purchase a reality.

Rey C.
Mountain View, CA
2009 Infiniti G37 Sedan

I bought a Porsche from James a month ago. He is one of the best dealer I have ever interacted with. He was very professional and was never pushy. He gave me a good deal and a smooth transition. I have recommended James to all my friends. He will be my first preference whenever I am looking to buy my next car.

Anup P.
San Jose, CA
2008 Porsche Cayenne

I found James on craigslist and I have to say his detailing is fantastic. He did my father's 1988 Ski Sanger and did a beautiful job restoring its shine from years of oxidation.

Paul C.
Atherton, CA

We just bought a 2009 Audi A3 from James this past weekend (8/26/2012). The experience working with James was nothing short of what was mentioned in his past reviews. His low pressure yet more than willing to work with us approach worked very well and we drove off with the car with everything taken care of in less an hour!.

James has good taste in cars and did his research extensively to price his cars aggressively. More importantly he was more than willing to work with us to seal the deal.

Great dealer and will come back again. Highly recommended.

Los Altos, CA
2009 Audi A3

It's been almost 2 weeks now since my car has been washed by you guys and I just want to say that you guys did a fantastic job washing my car!!!! It's been awhile since I have my car washed and waxed at the same time for the price that you's very, very reasonable and the service are definitely good. I just hope that you guys won't raise up the price by summer :-)

I forgot the guys name who washed it but I was watching him and what I notice is he took his time and washed the car like it was his own which translates to = personal touch!

Also, what surprising about it is, since it was a car dealer, I thought the car wash was just a side job to talk you into getting a car from them but to my surprise, they didn't even mention anything about their car and the conversation was strictly about the car wash service.

when I'm ready to get a car, I will definitely try AAG first :-)

Gerry E.
San Jose, CA

Purchased a Lexus from James. He was very knowledgeable and seems to enjoy talking about cars. All the cars on their lot was in excellent condition so I was assured that the Lexus I purchased was in great shape. I would definitely recommend Axoim to anyone looking for a used car.

Jen T.
San Francisco, CA
2008 Lexus ES350 Sedan

Bought a Mercedes C350 from Axiom a few weeks ago. They posted on craiglist for a pretty good price and I ended up getting a really sweet car in fantastic shape for much less than the big dealerships. The car was in awesome condition as were all the cars on the Axiom lot. The guy I dealt with, James, was very professional, no pressure, and not the typical cheesy car salesman - definitely a cut above the rest and takes being a true professional seriously. This is a smaller size car lot, but presents like a big dealer = nice showroom, cars in premium condition and very clean, plasma TV in the showroom and great customer service...

Anyway, great company to deal with and I would definitely buy from them again and recommend to a friend.

Lee J.
Union City, CA
2008 Mercedes Benz C350 Sedan

Bought my Infiniti G35 here and got an awesome deal on the price. Both James and Alex were very easy to talk to, no pressure and overall I had a very pleasant experience. The quality of the car is top notch. Would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a quality vehicle.

Yibin C.
Santa Cruz, CA
2008 Infiniti G35 Sedan

James is great, just bought another Infiniti from him this past weekend. Car was in excelent shape and low miles. We were in and driving the car home in less than 2 hours.

Like other's have said in their review's, James is very low pressure and lets his quality in luxury cars sell themselves. He is very knowledgeable about all his cars. He had the one we bought sent to the local infiniti dealership for a full service and to have any outstanding sb's completed.

Thanks again James, we'll definetely be back in the future.

Sam B.
Fairfield, CA
2008 Infiniti G37S Coupe

Picked up a 2008 G35s here earlier this week (with a specific set of options that are quite difficult to find together, even in a large metro area like San Fran/San Jose).

Similar experience to other posters here - car was in great condition and the service (from James) was explemary. They don't apply any pressure to buy, they let the quality of the cars speak for themselves. They have a small inventory, but they are 'choice' cars that are in top condition with the right options and extras that a discerning buyer looks for.

I found James to be extremely knowledgeable on the cars, its always great to do business with someone who is passionate about what they do (rather than a sales guy who just wants to make his commission).

Highly recommended if you are looking for a used car.

TrevB B.
Redwood City, CA
2008 Infiniti G35S Sedan

Just picked up our 2008 G35 from Axiom Auto Group today. The car was immaculate. It was hard to find any flaw with the car, and we got a great deal on top of that. Although the inventory may be small, the selection is superb: nothing but excellent condition cars with low miles!

We received excellent service with the highest professionalism from both the saleman (Paul) and the manager (James). There was no pressure to buy. We decided to buy because we knew we couldn't find a better condition car for the price. We would definitely come back to Axiom for our next luxury ride. I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a luxury car.

Steve V.
San Jose, CA
2008 Infiniti G35 Sedan

Never bought a car from this place, but I got a detail here. Service took about 5 hours without an appointment, and they did a fantastic job. Clay service with interior and engine bay cleaned as well. Car looked like new. Paul was the one who greeted me and he was friendly and helpful. I was also able to meet James, the owner, briefly and he seems like a nice guy as well. Looking to come back here for future detailing needs. Cash only for the detailing.

Basil S.
Palo Alto, CA

After numerous hours spent researching cars and dealerships online (new and used). We spent a day down in the southbay looking at cars. Unfortunately most dealerships idea of a 10+ car is allot different than the consumers.

This dealership was our last stop for the day (wanted to save the best for last). The car was as advertised online and was a true 9.5/10. All the info they provided was true and accurate (carfax,infiniti,qua lity,etc). They didn't negotiate on the price, but showed us their invoice. It was what we wanted to pay anyways (from kbb and nada trade-in value), so that wasn't a biggie.

James & Paul were no pressure type of salesmen, rare to find these days. We took the g35 on a fairly long drive to ensure it didn't have any issues, with Paul asking us too. They left us alone while we verified some info (with infiniti) and then purchased the car. The whole process took less than 2 hours (test drive thru driving away with the car). They did a nice detail job on the car before we drove it away as an added bonus.

Thanks James & Paul was a pleasure.

Updated: 10 days after purchase and we recieved the plates and a refund check for the dmv fees. We'll definetly be buying out next car here (again).

Sam B.
Fairfield, CA
2007 Infiniti G35S Sedan

We paid this place a visit when they were at the old location and test drove a car. We didn't end up buying a car at that time, but later went back to the new location and this time did buy from here after driving a few different cars and visiting several other dealers.

Such a different experience to any other car dealer I've visited in the area. Anyone looking for a new or used car should check this place out. Unlike anywhere else, James is actually interested in working with customers to make sure they are happy and end up with what they are looking for. There's no time wasting, pressure or money grabbing tricks you get at a typical car dealer, just good, honest service and value for money. I hope this leads to a long and successful business.

Jason P.
San Jose, CA

Let me tell you. I have found the last Auto Dealer I will ever go to again! James and the Axiom Auto Group are top notch! My wife and I recently purchased a 2008 Mercedes C300 with all the bells and whistles and James helped us from the test drive to the financing as well as our TWO trade-ins. I feel we got fair value for the trade-ins and a total NO PRESSURE sale. Axiom has the best mix of luxury cars at the best prices. I couldn't have found a better deal except maybe for the new 2008 red Mercedes C300 they have on their lot now.

The cars they have are well maintained and detailed and their customer service was beyond exceptional. Even though we ended up not going with their financing, we were offered a very competitive rate. I must say that the next time I need or know someone that's looking for a car, I'm sending them to James and the Axiom Auto Group. Thank you James, my wife and I love the new car. Hope to see you again soon...

Paul D.
Hollister, CA
2008 Mercedes Benz C300 Sedan

I first saw the ad for the car ('07 G35 Journey w/ Premium Package) about mid-August and contacted James about it. Went in a couple weeks later to check out the car. The lot itself is small but very well maintained. All the cars seem to receive a thorough inspection and detailing and continue to be maintained while still under his care. I initially drove the car and asked a bunch of questions, for which he gave me honest and thorough answers. It took me a while to decide (about another month), but James was very patient and answered all of my questions. When I finally decided to purchase, I went in and met Norman (his brother). Basically went through a relatively quick and painless process and drove the car off the same day! I also got it for an excellent price (I won't lie though, they knows their prices are good so it's tough to bargain!).

Highly recommend coming here if you're looking for your next car!

Bharath S.
Pleasanton, CA
2007 Infiniti G35 Sedan

I had a wonderful experience with these guys. The reviews were right on the money. They were friendly, they weren't pushy, I didn't feel pressured or stressed. Would I buy from them again? Yeah and I may very well just do that.

Oakland, CA
2007 BMW 328i Sedan

Well, what can I say about Axiom Auto Group. I just purchased an 07 BMW 335i from them, and James has been a pleasure to work with from the first time I walked into the dealership. He came out and greeted me with a warm welcome and asked me if I needed any assistance. Coming from an SUV, It was quite hard for me to transition to a gas friendly vehicle. But James made it easy for me. Took time to explain what my options were, and accepted an offer we both thought was very reasonable. Paperwork was very easy and thorough. Honest, professional, and easy to do business with were his three qualities that sold me. Look no further folks, Axiom Auto Group is the place to look for nice pre-owned vehicles. I'm glad I did, and so should you. Thanks James!

2007 BMW 335i Coupe

James is the man! It was an immense pleasure to purchase my 2007 Infiniti G35 from him and I highly highly recommend him to everyone looking to purchase a vehicle. For a complete review, visit my blog post:

Mindy A.
Santa Clara, CA
2007 Infiniti G35 Sedan

I recently purchased a '08 328i from James. This was my first used car purchase, so I had a lot of questions and requests before I made my purchase. James was able to provide me with honest answers to everything. He was very knowledgeable about the cars that he sells, and was never pushy whenever I went to go see the car. It took me about a month to decide on the car, and throughout the whole time, he kept in contact with me and was patient with answering all my questions. When I was finally ready to make the purchase, we agreed on a price, signed the paperwork, and off I was with a new car. It was probably the smoothest car transaction I've ever had.

I definitely recommend James when it comes to buying a used car. He has a good selection, is honest and straight-forward and will give you the best price.

Monica K.
Santa Clara, CA
2008 BMW 328i Coupe

This is the second car I am buying from James, and having recently visited a nearby dealership to take a look at some 2011 models, I remembered why I stopped going to those places in the first place. James is a very rare combination of a car guy (the extent of his automotive knowledge is very impressive and was a huge plus for my fiance) AND a great businessman, which means a haggle-free, honest and enjoyable car shopping experience for me. And to top it all off, his prices are pretty much impossible to beat!

James was very attentive to what I wanted out of a car (even if all I cared about was color, sunroof and heated seats) and didn't try to sell me something else entirely just to make a sale. He was able to talk about differences between model years and explain car features in a language I could understand - many other dealerships can definitely learn from him!

He was also very patient with me even when I came back several times trying to decided between the EX and the RDX, and was always willing to do another test-drive, to help me make sure I was making the right choice. Overall, the customer service was great! I never felt pressured or rushed, got my RDX at a great price and couldn't be happier.

If you're looking for something different that the usual BS that often comes along with car shopping at some dealerships, check out Axiom, you will not be disappointed.

Natalia D.
Milpitas, CA
2008 Acura RDX

I purchased an 05 minicooper S from James a couple years ago but forgot to write this review. James listened to what I wanted in the car and actually called me personally to say he found one for me that met my specs. This type of personal service and great price will assure that I will be coming back here for my next car purchase. Thanks James and Axiom.

San Francisco, CA
2005 MINI Cooper S

Well, I must say, buying my car through Axiom was a truly pleasant experience, thanks to James. You know what people say about auto dealers, and you've probably met some that fit the bill very well. But working with James on my transaction was as smooth of experience as it could possibly be. Communication was top-notch, he was extremely helpful and we agreed on a very good price for the car. I would easily recommend him and Axiom Auto to anybody looking for a hassle-free car purchase.

There are some honest and professional auto dealers after all, as I almost lost my faith in that. Thanks James and Axiom!

Kirill U.
San Francisco, CA
2007 Infiniti FX35

Have no fear people, there are some truly honest and genuine dealers out there, and Axiom is one of them. Big shout out to James for not kicking my husband to the curb after he almost drove us into a semi on El Camino. Carlos even let me stay in the lobby for 2 hours to fend off other wanted my new Infiniti G35 really bad. Very good customer service, but beware...James can play some hardball! Thanks for providing a great product Axiom Group

Ana N.
San Jose, CA
2007 Infiniti G35 Sedan

We had the best experience ever buying a car with James Lee from Axiom Auto Group. The cars in his inventory are top-class and the whole process is as smooth as it can get. Also, you don't get any of the salesman-tricks from James. He never asked us, "are you buying today?" or "the price is only good for today"...the kind of questions I have faced at other dealerships.

All in all, if you are looking for a premium used car, save yourself time and just go to Axiom Auto!

Amit G.
San Jose, CA
2008 BMW 328i Sedan

Two cars in 3 years and have enjoyed the experience both times. The first one was purchased from the Santa Clara location, which was a little hard to find, but the new location in Sunnyvale was a breeze to locate.

I worked with James on both purchases....he was knowledgeable about the cars, was not pushy at all, and was patient with me because I'm one of those 1001 questions type of people :) Hey, I just like to know what I'm getting.

All in all, I came back here for a reason, and refer my friends and family, because if he doesn't have the car on his lot, he'll even go looking for the car! Plus the prices are fair and sometimes below market value :)

Rick L.
San Francisco, CA
2007 BMW 530i
2006 Lexus GS300

I got the car last week and it looks great. It was naturally dirty when delivered, but it cleaned up quite nicely. Thanks for your honest description of the car.

Thanks for making this such a professional transaction. I'll be happy to ask as a (positive) reference if you ever need one!

Jim R.
Dallas, TX
2007 Mercedes Benz E350

I recently purchased an Infiniti G35 Journey sedan in as immaculate condition as it could be given that it is the 2007 model. Besides the great deal and the remaining mileage on the factory warranty, James' honesty, straightforward approach, and trust in his customers (including myself) had sealed the deal.

He patiently walked me through his financing options, extended warranty options, allowed me to test drive to my content, and did not sell me the car just for its fancy features, which many car salesmen I've dealt with do. He did not send unnecessary nag Email messages or make unnecessary nag phone calls.

Another big positive is that I did not once feel pressured into buying a car. He is patient and was willing to describe any car he had available without bias, so that it did not seem he was trying to get rid of a specific car. James also proved to be knowledgeable and shared his knowledge without overwhelming me with car specs.

Allowing a buyer to rethink about a car purchase without pressure is one of the most important factors that I expect from a quality dealership and James delivered.

Henry C.
Sunnyvale, CA
2007 Infiniti G35 Sedan

James of Axiom Auto Group is a pleasure to work with, and you don't get any of that creeping suspicion that you're about to get cheated as at other dealerships.

My fiance and I came in to test drive a BMW 3-series. It was in excellent condition, and was a GREAT deal for the options it had. Unlike other dealerships we went to, there was no rush and no pressure, and both of us got to do a full-fledged test drive (none of that "you drive in one direction and she can drive on the way back" stuff). Not only that, but the test drive was much longer than we had at any other dealership (my fiance even joked that he was starting to "get bored" by the end of it).

He's extremely honest when talking about the cars. At other dealerships we had to deal with the salespeople telling you ANYTHING to make a sale--the phrase "fully loaded!" has become an inside joke with us. Here you actually get an honest answer about what the car has, and he doesn't pressure you into buying something you're not sure about.

Unfortunately we didn't end up buying the car from James as we found one elsewhere with heated seats--the one option that his car did not have that I really had my heart set on. Still, throughout my experience at the BMW dealership I was comparing it to Axiom, and the usual "large dealership" tactics, and the comparison was definitely in Axiom's favor. We didn't get a car from him this time, but next time we need a car AAG will definitely be at the top of our list of places to check out.

Catherine B.
Palo Alto, CA

Amazing. They are by far the best private dealer in the Bay. After major investigation I just purchased a pre owned BMW from them. They blow their competitors prices out of the water. Great guys that work there too. Absolutely recommend.

Palo Alto, CA
2006 BMW 330i Sedan

Awesome purchase experience from james @ Axiom.

From our initial contact to signing on the dotted line. I couldn't be happier with the service that was provided by James. What more could I ask for, I got a great deal and great service. I'll def be back when it's time to get my next car!

Johnny L.
Hacienda Heights, CA
2005 BMW M3

James is the absolute best car dealer I've ever come across. He's not only helpful, he's honest! An honest car dealer!!! I definitely never thought I'd use that word to describe a person in this line of work. Seriously, James knows his stuff and he strives to be successful by maintaining his reputation in providing great service. Once you experience this for yourself, you'll see why he has so many returning customers. You not only leave with a great car at a great price... you leave with a peace of mind that you can't find in any other private dealership.

Lyn E.
San Jose, CA

My wife and I were interested in a 2006 BMW 530i and we saw what we wanted at Axiom. James was very polite, courteous and answered every question we had about the car. We finally decided not to purchase the vehicle, due to other financial obligations, but I wanted to write a review to recommend James' service and expertise. He has a great selection of vehicles to choose from and it seems like his cars are all in great condition. We will definitely consider purchasing from James when we're finally ready to purchase our next vehicle.

Ken S.
Dublin, CA
2006 BMW 530i Sedan

I had a fantastic experience working with Axiom Auto Group and have been recommending them to all my friends. James is a pleasure to work with, is not pushy, and is completely honest and transparent. His prices are fantastic, his cars look brand new. The bulk of their inventory appears to be luxury sedans and coupes (Infiniti, BMW, Audi, Acura, Lexus, Mercedes, etc.) that are 1-3 years old with 15K-35K miles. James takes care of all the paperwork, is very professional, and responds to questions about his vehicles almost instantaneously. I must say the entire buying process was hassle free and I will definitely be checking with James before buying my next car.

Ajay S.
Palo Alto, CA
2007 Infiniti G35 Sedan

Just purchased an Infiniti from these guys. Very knowlegeable about their cars, especially Infiniti. Good prices, no pressure! All cars seemed really clean.

Dennis O.
Pleasanton, CA
2007 Infiniti M35 Sport

If you are looking for a pre-owned car, James @ Axiom is the guy to go to. Car dealers have pretty bad reputation in general. Most of them will say anything to you to get you to buy the car. James was honest, up front about the car, and was not pushy at all.

We looked at one of his CLK500 first, but decided that car wasn't for us. He accepted that decision without saying a word. We ended up buying another car from him within the week. He usually has some of the better deals around. His cars are clean, detailed, and parked inside a warehouse. When you look at them you'd think they are new.

He'll also spend the time with you to do things right. We are buying the car to take out of state, and the paperwork is none-trivial. He helped us to do research ahead of time and made the whole process a breeze.

David Z.
Foster City, CA
2006 BMW 530i

Car dealers are very aggressive these days, even more so than before. Once they have your contact info they try to get you into their showroom even though they either don't have the car you want or their advertising is intentionally misleading. James was a pleasant surprise, I didn't feel like I needed a shower after talking with him or test-driving. He doesn't try to dazzle you with car-babble and lets the quality of the cars in his indoor showroom speak for themselves.

Polite, considerate and never pushy, I am the proud owner of one of his cars. He's so thorough I even got my new plates in about 3wks along with a refund cheque because the licencing was cheaper than calculated. This is definitely a good small business that I hope will survive this downturn.

Kimara C.
San Francisco, CA
2006 BMW 330i

I purchased my car from James, and it was really smooth and nice. He was totally different from normal dealers - well knowledged, never hurry, polite, and always listen. That was my first purchase of car after I came to US so I didn't know what should do at all. But he gave me thorough explanations and instructions about everything from purchase to register so I had no problem at all.
After several months passed from the purchase, I found a small problem on my car a few days ago. My car had anti-theft wheel locks but I don't have a key so I couldn't rotate tires. I sent an email to him about this issue, then he replied immediately with a polite apology, and took care of everything smoothly - without any cost. Wow.
Actually I was surprised by the quality of cars he has in his inventory, his attitude to customers throughout the purchase, and surprised more by the way how he handles the problem even several months after the purchase.
If you want to buy a car, please try him. I believe you will feel the same.

Eunseok J.
Santa Clara, CA
2006 Infiniti M35

Planning to buy a used luxury sedan, this is the place to check. I bought a 2006 BMW. I got it below the Kbb price and it was fully loaded. I did not haggle for the price, we agreed on the price within 5 minutes of our conversation. Worth to checkout this place for a good deal.

Abhishek N.
San Jose, CA
2006 BMW 330i